InnovoCommerce and ACRES Partner on Global Technology Initiatives

Koski noted, "As ACRES Global Technology Network grows, it is important to select partners such as InnovoCommerce with deep experience in deploying collaborative, secure, cloud-based technologies."

InnovoCommerce, a cloud-based eClinical collaboration provider located in Irvine, California, and the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a Cambridge, Massachusetts non-profit organization operating in the public interest and dedicated to enhancing quality, safety, integrity and operational effectiveness in biomedical product development and health research, are pleased to announce their partnership for accelerating and broadening the development of the ACRES Global Network.

ACRES, a multi-stakeholder global collaborative established in 2012, is building a robust technology infrastructure to enable data exchange, data repositories, sustainability and analytical services supporting a range of stakeholders, from sites to regulators, using established innovative technologies. InnovoCommerce is a leading source of innovative eClinical collaboration products and solutions that have the potential to extend and enhance the capabilities of ACRES Global Technology Network.

Greg Koski, President and CEO of ACRES noted, “Collaboration is essential for timely and cost-effective development of complex technology solutions for clinical research. As the ACRES Global Network continues to develop and grow, it is important to select partners with deep experience in deploying collaborative, secure, cloud-based technologies. The innovoPOINT® clinical and investigator portal is already in use on a global scale by several sponsors for managing the exchange of clinical data and documents, and we welcome InnovoCommerce as the newest technology partner within the growing ACRES alliance.”
The partnership will focus on accelerating several key ACRES initiatives including the Site Optics and Quality Informatics Initiative (SOQI) and its Technology Consortium, as well as Quality Assurance and Safety Initiatives (QASI).

InnovoCommerce will provide off-the-shelf deployment models for ACRES network users and has successfully integrated leading clinical trial management system and safety and adverse event products to eliminate the need for manual data entry processes or double-data entry for sponsors and CROs. This is a first step in reducing the overhead associated with site selection and activation, as the sites and users are automatically provisioned in the innovoPOINT platform.

“Creating a cloud-based platform to enable seamless transfer of clinical trial data, performance data and documents within a complex network of clinical partners is not a simple task. The ACRES Global Network is strategically designed to foster such relationships; and InnovoCommerce offers fit-for-purpose cloud-based eClinical applications to enable effective collaboration for years to come,” said Daniel O’Connor, President and Chief Business Officer, InnovoCommerce. “Making innovoPOINT interoperable with ACRES Global Technology Network standards will allow ACRES network users to manage collaborative exchanges with investigator sites and CROs, enabling greater productivity, quality and compliance.”

InnovoPOINT has extensible, configurable APIs to enable rapid integration with other key clinical systems and site-specific data sources to support decision-making and analytical capabilities during the trial planning process. ACRES standards are being incorporated into innovoPOINT, which will help pharmaceutical companies achieve the external collaboration required to successfully manage increasingly complex, globally distributed clinical trials in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

By looking ahead to make innovoPOINT compliant with ACRES standards, the partnership seeks a closed-loop ecosystem for sponsors to rapidly select, activate and engage high-quality sites in clinical trials.


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