inVentiv Health Announces Partnership with ACRES


inVentiv Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions (iCTRS), created to accelerate trials, and the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), an Alliance-driven non-profit organization operating in the public interest and dedicated to enhancing quality, safety, integrity and operational effectiveness in drug development and health research, are partnering to fast-track the development of a global system to support responsible conduct of clinical trials according to the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency.

Numerous challenges limit the pace of progress for global clinical research. According to ACRES, the industry squanders $20 billion annually due to inefficiencies inherent to the current process of bringing a new drug to market. Uniform global standards for research sites and independent third-party accreditation are lacking, as are interconnectivity and interoperability. Standards support the objective identification and assessment of sites, delivering improved system management and long-term sustainability.

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