ACRES Founder Greg Koski Interviewed in ACRP's Clinical Researcher


For this issue of Clinical Researcher, I interviewed the President and CEO of the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a nonprofit organization operating in the public interest, which has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with ACRP to focus on the education, training, and credentialing of global clinical research professionals.

This partnership enabled the two organizations to join forces to address such mutually desired outcomes in clinical research as well-educated citizens, secure and efficient processes, transparent communication of credentials and certifications, and stronger professional development standards for clinical research professionals. A long-desired step toward these goals is the unification of standards and credentials, which is already taking hold as a trend in many industries and professions similar to drug and device development. The ACRES/ACRP agreement promises to be a significant and essential step toward realizing improvements in clinical trials on a global scale.

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