ACRES Allies Pledge $102+ Million in Technology and Support Services

Dr. Mitchell Efros . . . stated, “Verified Clinical Trials strongly believes that ACRES is the single best business model to help catalyze and ignite the necessary changes needed to provide long term and sustainable improvements in our research trials today and going forward."

Following the recent meeting of a multi-sector global stakeholder consultation on clinical research site-excellence, strategic allies in the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) Tech Consortium continue to deepen their support of the ACRES shared global clinical research system model as an effective initiative for accelerating medicines development.

To date, ACRES allies have pledged more than $102M in technologies and services, including e-compliance systems for investigator sites, networking technologies to share verifiable information in real-time between sponsors, IRBs, investigator sites, government organizations and regulatory agencies as well as other tools to assess and improve safety, quality, site efficiency and sustainability.

The inaugural meeting of the Global Stakeholders Consultation was held at the Drug Information Association (DIA) June 2014 Annual conference in San Diego, the first in a series of similar meetings to be held regionally around the world that seek broad input on how to optimize a global process and standards for accreditation of clinical research sites. Pfizer Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis Hall, opened the meeting with a stirring keynote address in which she voiced industry support for site-accreditation as a method to promote, recognize and reward high-performing, professional clinical research sites as industry transforms the way it conducts clinical trials.

“To date, ACRES is working with more than 65 industry and organizational allies and service providers, as well as global regulatory agencies and nearly 100 executives, senior managers and subject matter experts who understand how the ACRES open-collaboration model applies systems thinking to catalyze change and create value”, said Dr Greg Koski, President and CEO of ACRES, “and we are in discussions with additional organizations who are interested making pledges to support ACRES transformative approach.”

“A pledge is a commitment of measurable, fair market value resources by an ACRES Technology Consortium member or strategic ally that adds value and sustainability to stakeholders in the global clinical research enterprise, including investigational sites, sponsors, CROs, ethics committees, regulatory authorities, and the public,” said Al O. Pacino ll, ACRES VP for Collaborative Network Development.

“ACRES pledges of already existing effective technologies and resources are an essential component of our global collaborative network development strategy to connect healthcare and clinical research. Economies of scale and simple common sense demonstrate that sharing and integrating such resources saves industry, governments and regulatory agencies time and money. Projects using this innovative business model are already underway. This decision by ACRES allies to employ already established standards and networking technology platforms also promotes industry inter-operability and sustainability while minimizing IP liabilities and unnecessary risks and financial burdens, whether it involves sponsors, regulatory agencies, investigator sites, IRB’s, governments or other industry stakeholders.” Pacino added, “With a collaboratively-built, sharable system approach, we can ensure that creating efficiencies does not mean adding additional silos.”

Dr. Mitchell Efros, CEO of Verified Clinical Trials, a technology company focused on improving data quality and results by preventing dual enrollment in clinical trials, stated, “Verified Clinical Trials strongly believes that ACRES is the single best business model to help catalyze and ignite the necessary changes needed to provide long term and sustainable improvements in our research trials today and going forward.”

With intensified involvement of global expert industry leaders, ACRES continues to focus on enhancing long-term industry sustainability and facilitating the development of and access to new medicines through the creation of a global system for clinical research, built through the collaborative efforts of stakeholders throughout the entire healthcare and research endeavor.


The Alliance for Care & Research Excellence & Safety (ACRES) is a non-profit alliance for professionals and patients in every sector of the healthcare and life sciences enterprises. ACRES seeks to ally health and science worldwide using a systems approach. Together, we can build an effective health science system for patients everywhere.

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