ACRES Founder Greg Koski Featured in Clinical Leader

February 18, 2015


Greg Koski, co-founder and CEO of the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), is a big believer in systems. With the proper system in place, the ability exists to apply basic engineering principles—as well as the lessons from other highly regulated, multi-stakeholder industries (such as air transport and energy) that have applied systems thinking and designs—to complex operational processes. In doing so, each component in the process can be made to work seamlessly, efficiently, and in an interoperable manner with other critical components.

“That's what a system is all about,” says Koski. “It's not just the sum of the individual components; it's the synergy of the whole that results when all the pieces are working together properly, monitoring and feeding back information about safety and performance.” Not surprisingly, this is the vision Koski had in mind for clinical trials when he founded ACRES.

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