Patient Advocate Jack Whelan's Article on Patient-Centricity Featured in Clinical Trials Arena

Clinical Trials Arena
December 1, 2015


Having battled cancer for the best part of a decade, patient advocate, Jack Whelan, knew a thing or two about clinical trials. Having relapsed on multiple occasions, Jack understood the need for patients to explore novel treatments in the hope of finding a cure. With patient-centricity now forefront and center in the minds of many conducting clinical trials, the need to put patients first has never been more vital. Before his passing in late 2017, Jack shared his thoughts on patient-centricity, from a patient’s perspective . . .

After giving talks at a variety of life sciences conferences, I always stay and listen to the “experts.” The popular topic of patient centricity in clinical trials is front and center on the agenda. Before long, I want to shout, “you’re getting it all wrong.” However, I’m an uncommon guest; I’m a patient, a cancer survivor, still in treatment, to be exact. But I’m also a decided friend to the biopharma industry at conferences across the US and Europe.

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