Patient Engagement

A curricula to help interested industry groups achieve better business outcomes by putting patients at the center

The Challenge

The patient journey takes place amidst a number of interested groups - anyone from the billing department at a doctor's office to the technicians at a clinical trial. 

Each of these groups has its own window onto the patient journey, but none can see the whole. With a wider vantage point and a deeper understanding of the patient journey,  both patient and business outcomes will improve.

Our Goals

ACRES is working towards a holistic view of the patient journey by creating a Patient Engagement curriculum.

This curriculum will help interested industry parties learn how to:

  • incorporate the perspectives, needs and voice of patients
  • involve patients in research and care
  • implement patient satisfaction metrics and tools
  • develop effective measures aligned with best practices

Business Outcomes

When we operate in a way that is good for patients - and when patients actively engage with and believe in with care they receive - our business goals become achievable.

Benefits of the Patient Engagement curriculum include the following:

  • attracting and retaining patients
  • creating more efficient processes
  • expanding revenue streams
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