Synergy Forum

A forum to discuss and apply systems thinking for the betterment of the health-science enterprise

The Purpose

The Synergy Forum convenes healthcare & life science leaders, caregivers and patients to:

  • Come to a shared understanding of systems thinking.
  • Learn how other industries are employing systems thinking.
  • Enlist the voice of a broad set of representatives from interested groups.
  • Create a better experience within the health-science continuum for all interested groups.

The Agenda

Using case studies across the healthcare & life science enterprise, we will identify:

  • Where the healthcare & life science enterprise can improve
  • What each interested group needs
  • How we address those needs
  • What the most effective solutions are
  • How to implement those solutions

The Format

Synergy is a 2-day hybrid meeting (in person and online).

  • It will consist of 5 segments across the 2 days.
  • Guests may participate in panel discussions and breakout sessions.
  • Attendance is by invitation. However, the online chat and crowdsourcing components are open to the public.

Date, location and logistics to be announced.

The Outcome

The Synergy Forum sets the focus for ACRES for the 12 months following.

Post-Synergy, ACRES allies with interested organizations to assist in building and implementing the solutions that come out of the forum's agenda.

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